UK Tax Disc

The Clear Windscreen Cashflow Surprise

Many small businesses, especially start-ups, suffer from cash-flow difficulties, especially when unexpected bills arrive that haven't been planned for.

But what about those we kind of know have to be paid but we're not sure when without checking?

For most of us, simply looking at the disc in the windscreen of our car or van will give us a gentle reminder that the tax is due for renewal but could you tell me when that is without looking?

In the UK, the DVLA has decided we no longer need to display a tax disc (and that will surely help their cash-flow in printing and postage savings) but that will create a completely different challenge for so many others.

UK Tax Disc
Mark Wilson "never forgets a thing!"

We will now have to rely on the written request for payment from the DVLA to remind us that the tax is due at the end of the month...

...unless of course, you set up your own reminder system.

I think we know how you can do that!

Take your free 30 day trial and remove those nasty cash-flow surprises from your business.​

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