Press Release
For Immediate Release
Date: 18 September 2014

New Online Platform Set To Revolutionise The Way You Work In Your Business

Steven Heather and Mark Wilson have created a superb platform for small businesses that is set to revolutionise the way we work, in our business and on our business.

Many businesses feel overwhelmed with the mountains of Tasks and To-Dos, emails, notes and follow-up calls to customers, trying to remember important deadlines, locating important documents and files, etc.

Reminders etc. is your Online Virtual Personal Assistant, accessible anywhere, anytime, by you and your business team

When asked why they created the platform Steven and Mark commented

“We have created this platform so that every business can be seen as brilliant in the eyes of their customers and their own staff.

We believe that the world is a busy place and has a blame culture. Most businesses don’t give any form of customer service, which has a knock on effect to its success, but more importantly a knock on effect to the wellbeing of the business owner, staff and customers.

We believe that a systemised business centred around great customer service enriches personal lives, eliminates stress and enhances health and well-being which is why we created Reminders etc.”

More information, case studies and to take advantage of the 30 Day Free Trial please click through to

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