Rant At Insurance Brokers

My Professional indemnity Insurers sent me a new proposal form and I need some clarification on a couple of points, I rang the firm to speak to the broker, but she was not available. The receptionist said the broker would ring me back ASAP. Days passed, and I went through the same procedure of speaking to the receptionist and still no call.

Today I had a task in Reminders etc. to call again as the proposal form needed to be sent back to them.

I did speak to the broker, but only after having to rant to the receptionist that I was still waiting call backs and did they want my business!

The broker was embarrassed claiming she had not received the messages.

Small businesses lose business by not following up customer call’s and had this not been an important insurance quote I probably would not have bothered ringing back a third time!

Reminders etc. allows you to pass messages from customers as Tasks or To-Dos to fellow users, even if you work in a remote office.

Rant over


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