Why You Will Want To Use Reminders etc.

Never forget your Tasks or To-Dos

Store all your information for Business and Home - Records, Documents and Contacts

Unique ability to be reminded more than once: attach Notes and Files - it's quick and easy!

Tag pretty much everything - tasks, to-dos, contacts, notes. Group and search with ease

Portfolios are just like using folders in a filing system - easy to arrange and move around. Use for projects, orders and asset records (car, buildings, machines etc)

Your Mini "CRM" system for your contacts, split between Individuals and Organisations; keep track of conversations, emails, Tasks and To-Dos

What Makes Us Different

Many businesses feel overwhelmed with the mountains of Tasks and To-Dos, emails, notes and follow-up calls to customers, trying to remember important deadlines, locating important documents and files, etc.

Reminders etc. is your Online Virtual Personal Assistant, accessible anywhere, anytime, by all your business team

Multi user for both At Work and At Home

Easy To Use

It's child's play!

No training courses required, log in and go!

Intuitive design and logical layout

Tag everything and find instantly

We're In The Cloud

Reminders etc. runs from the cloud. Access from any device; PC or Mac, Laptop, Tablet (Smart phone to follow soon)

There's no software to install or maintain - we do the updates!

Works on your favourite browser: Google Chrome (recommended), Safari (recommended) , Internet Explorer and Firefox