Some Case Studies...

  • Accountants
  • Marketing agency
  • events organiser

ABC Accountants

ABC Accountants in the UK use Reminders etc. They needed a software solution that enabled better client communication for to do’s, tasks and events. “Missing a client’s VAT return deadline can be an expensive mistake for them and us!” J.P. partner

Here are some of the things they use Reminders etc. for:

  • Reminding clients of their personal and Corporate tax liabilities which can be nine months in the future.
  • Reminding Clients on a quarterly basis, that their VAT returns need to be prepared and a seperate reminder to pay the VAT. These reminders are recurring so only need to be set up once.
  • Reminding staff and clients of deadlines for PAYE, Personal and Corporate Tax and Statutory accounts.
  • Reminding staff and clients of meetings and tasks.
  • Reminding clients to pay their taxes on due dates.
  • Keeping all related documents and tasks together in client portfolios