Branding and Marketing – Are They Not The Same?

In short, no they are not the same, and today Reminders etc. is going to explain the difference and why both are important in their own ways.

The difference between these two important elements of any business, small or large, is often misunderstood, even by their own marketing departments.

As we prepared to launch the new version of Reminders etc. we started working with Amanda Kennedy at Clients In Abundance. Something she said to us early on really resonated…

“I have worked as a marketer for over 20 years now, and watched the marketing landscape change phenomenally. A lot of the marketing I undertake includes designing a brand, and by treating each marketing/branding element separately you have huge potential to improve your business.”

Amanda Watts 
Clients In Abundance                 

Branding resides in the hearts and minds of your customers, clients and prospects. It is the total sum of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence, some you cannot.

With this in mind you have to consider how you are perceived, how you wish to be perceived and by whom. You need to identify your target audience and know exactly what they want, and you need to show them why you are better than your competitors.

A strong brand is one of the most valuable assets that you can have, and this intensifies day by day, as the battle for awareness grows more intense.

A good brand will:

  • Deliver the message clearly
  • Confirm your credibility
  • Connect to your target prospects emotionally
  • Motivate a buyer
  • Cement user loyalty

Examples of good branding include:

Coca Cola, Apple, McDonalds and the Ritz Hotel

The average person comes across 6000 marketing messages a day, and having a strong brand that stands for something will help you stand out from the other messages.

So what is marketing?

Marketing is what you do, as opposed to branding, which is what you are.

Marketing is actually very similar to sales.

The job of marketing is to entice people to buy from you.

Marketing is where you actually promote your offering, your product or service. Although a lot of marketing undertaken is known as pull marketing (attraction marketing), marketing is really a push tactic – pushing out a message to get you more sales.

For example:

‘Buy our product because it’s the best and so and so celebrity loves it, which means you will love it too’.

It’s quite salesy right! So this is a prime example of marketing, and is very different from branding.

Poorly researched and executed marketing will cost your company a fortune. Bad marketing can destroy your brand!

But as Peter Drucker so eloquently put it:

‘There are only two things in a business that make money – innovation and marketing, everything else is a cost!’

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One of the things we worked really hard on at Reminders etc. was our branding. Six months of researching our customers and devising a business that was created for them means we are proud of our business, and our brand. We gain more and more loyalty as the weeks go buy, just because we stand for something:

We believe that the world is a busy place and has a blame culture. Most businesses don’t give any form of customer service, which has a knock on effect to its success, but more importantly a knock on effect to the wellbeing of the business owner, staff and customers.

A systemized business centered around great customer service enriches personal lives, eliminates stress and enhances health and well-being which is why we created Reminders Etc.

Reminders etc.

Our Mission

… Our mission is to enable every business to be seen as brilliant in the eyes of both their customers and their own staff.

So although there is a huge cross over between branding and marketing you can see that there is a difference too. Branding and Marketing are important and sit beautifully along side each other… get them both right and your business will flourish.

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