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The Clear Windscreen Cashflow Surprise

UK Tax Disc

The Clear Windscreen Cashflow SurpriseMany small businesses, especially start-ups, suffer from cash-flow difficulties, especially when unexpected bills arrive that haven’t been planned for.But what about those we kind of know have to be paid but we’re not sure when without checking? For most of us, simply looking at the disc in the windscreen of our […]

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Reminders etc. Press Release

Press ReleaseFor Immediate ReleaseDate: 18 September 2014New Online Platform Set To Revolutionise The Way You Work In Your Business Steven Heather and Mark Wilson have created a superb platform for small businesses that is set to revolutionise the way we work, in our business and on our business. Many businesses feel overwhelmed with the mountains of […]

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Introducing Reminders etc.

Introducing Reminders etc.The past 12 months have been a hive of activity here at Reminders etc. but we are now ready to welcome you inside.We are so excited to announce that we are now officially launching Reminders etc., which will help you have better customer service, systemise your business and have greater profits! CLICK HERE […]

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Defining Your Target Market

Defining Your Target MarketDo you know your ideal customer? Many of our customers that come to us think that their target market is everyone. But I can guarantee you now, whilst you think your product or service is for everyone, you will be wrong. There are certain clients that your product or service is really […]

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Time To Get On Some SWOT

Ever get called a SWOT at school? Maybe the other kids unwittingly saw something “extra” about you. Maybe you were prepared to do just a little bit more. A bit like Reminders etc. – there’s more than meets the eye! Ok, so as you have probably gathered, Reminders etc. is not just a platform for […]

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Reminders etc. Compared To Outlook

With Reminders etc. You Can Although we really don’t think Remindersetc should be compared to Outlook, we are sometimes asked about the differences. We’ve prepared the table below to help but obviously the best way to really find out is to use both programs and see which you get on with best. Of course we […]

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