Email Reminders / Dashboard messages for tasks & To Dos

Send Reminders to work colleagues, customers & yourself

Add a memo and attach notes / files to Reminders

Reminders include start and end times plus location for a task

Email reminders branded with your organisation's name / contact details

On Dashboard - By Email

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Reminders etc. is more than just reminders as you'll find out below, but we think our reminders are simply the best.


Filter By Day, Week, Month, Year, All

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Tasks have a start and end time & can have location

Tasks can be tagged, have Note and Files attached, be linked to Contacts and Portfolios and have memo text field

Assign to user, co-worker or customers

Multi-recurring with multiple reminders that can be sent to any Contact or Employee

Overdue Tasks easily identifiable and shown until completed

Filter view to show Tasks for today, upcoming, overdue and complete

Assign Tasks to yourself, customers and your staff. Create Tasks, days, months or years in advance. View individually, in Portfolios and via Contacts - there are a number of choices to use as your business sees fit.

To Dos

Quickly add to your To-Do list

Easily change from urgent to non-urgent and vice versa

Sort by date or alphabetically

Quickly add to your To-Do list

Assign To-Dos to other employees - on-site & remote workers

Convert To-Dos to Tasks

Link to Individuals, Organisations and Portfolios

Tag your To-Dos to help you classify and easily locate

View Urgent, Regular & Completedll

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To-Dos are split into two categories; urgent or non-urgent. No more trying to juggle everything in your mind or on scraps of paper. Reminders etc. To-Do lists can revolutionise the way you manage your work.


View Individuals, Organisations or Employees

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Contacts can be added as Individuals, Organisation and Employees

Individuals can be linked to Organisations

Import existing Contacts (via CSV/Excel file)

Employee records easily maintained: start/appraisal dates etc

Store full details: work & home addresses, important dates, financial information and Social Media links

Easily link your Notes and Files plus other information

Easily use Contacts as a "mini" CRM system. Many small businesses don't use any form of Customer Relationship Management programs, Reminders etc. is a simple platform for overcoming this.


Adaptable - use as required, e.g. projects, tax and fiscal years, records for assets, joint ventures

Link to Individuals, Organisations and Employees

Easily collates your other information from all areas of Reminders etc.

Assign Tags to help classify and find each portfolio

Edit the relevant associated Notes and Files

Contains To-Dos, Tasks, Contacts, Notes & Filess

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Store a multitude of information, often referred to as our filing cabinet warehouse, the Reminders etc. Portfolio section has a variety of uses.