“Reminders etc. makes organising your day-to-day business tasks simple”

Take control of your tasks and provide exceptional customer service

 from just £17 per month & no credit card required to start trial  

"Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord, find harmony"

​Albert Einstein

Reminders etc.

Regain control of your day-to-day business tasks.

Reminders etc. is web based, multi-user, a virtual personal assistant, tracking your Tasks and To-Dos.

Easily create multiple and recurring Reminder Alerts, store Notes and Files against Contacts and Portfolios, with everything neatly Tagged.

At Work...

Reminders etc. enables your work life to be easier and more profitable.

Save time, enabling you to focus on providing excellent customer service and make working with your team quick and easy.

Automatically remind your clients and customers of appointments and tasks they need to complete.

At Home...

For a business owner, home life is often just as hectic as work life.

As a busy small business owner, you can use Reminders etc. to help you remember the things often forgotten; MOT dates, Insurance renewals, Tax Credits, Birthdays, Anniversaries

We have it covered, leaving you worry free.


Multiple reminder alerts from Tasks & To Dos

Show on Dashboard & via email​

Attach Notes & Files​

Tasks & To Dos

For your team and customers

View by importance, future & overdue

Plus full history​


A mini "CRM" system

Includes all Contact details,

Notes, Files, Tasks & To Dos​


Organise projects, orders, asset records

Include Tasks & ToDos and all associated reminders​

“Reminders etc. was originally created to help us, but we decided not to keep it to ourselves! Now you too can systemise large parts of your business saving you time and money”